1. General Terms & Definitions
Definition of Fair Use
The term "fair use" describes the fair and appropriate use of the resources made available. On a monthly average, our customers have a traffic consumption of 250 GB per month. But a higher traffic consumption is possible with us. Based on the monthly average, we have limited the traffic consumption to max. 500 GB per month made for each service. Should your service exceed this value, we will contact you and discuss the further procedure with you.

Basically we charge you for every additional 100 GB of traffic. The fee for each additional 100 GB traffic volume is € 0.99.
Invoicing & Services
You will be informed 7 days, 3 days and one day before the shutdown and deletion of your service via your given primary e-mail address.
In addition, a corresponding invoice will be created on your account 7 days prior to expiry, so that you can extend your service at any time using our available payment methods.
What happens to my service if I don't pay it on time?
In principle, you are registered with us as a prepaid customer, which means that your services must be paid for before the service is provided so that you do not get into payment difficulties.
If the due date has been reached, our system will forward the deletion to the respective internal service. This process is automatic and cannot be stopped or reversed.
At the same time, your invoice will be canceled and your service will no longer be accessible. Please note that the deletion of the services cannot be undone. Should you need these services, you should contact us as soon as possible, so that we can maybe save the service.
Backup of the existing data on your service
In the event of an internal data loss due to technical complications, an up-to-date data archive is a real lifeline. With the help of external backups, lost data can be restored quickly and easily, without the need for professional service.
So that operations can be resumed as quickly as possible in the event of a data disaster, the topicality of the data plays an important role. Restoring, for example, is not particularly useful if the data archive is very out of date and therefore important information is missing.
It also makes sense to set up several archives on different storage media. For example, data should not only be backed up on a cloud server, but should also be stored on a physical medium such as an external hard drive or its own backup server. In this way, the security level can be doubled with little effort.

Your services and the associated data are also backed up by us, but combined in a large backup. Therefore, with our backups, it is not possible to restore individual small services, only a complete system.

It is therefore the customer's duty to back up his services and data at regular intervals. When a product is terminated or expired, the data is immediately removed from our systems.
2. Domains
  1. When procuring and/or maintaining domains, we only act as an intermediary between you and the registry. We owe the creation and transmission of a fully completed application for registration of the domains you want in accordance with the specifications of the respective registration office (e.g. Denic eG).
  2. A guarantee for the transfer, the allocation or the permanent existence of domains in your favor cannot be assumed, in this context the registration conditions of the registry apply. You guarantee that the domain you have requested or already registered for you does not infringe any third party rights. You are also obliged to notify us immediately of any loss of your domain.
  3. We are entitled to activate a domain only after the agreed fees have been paid. Likewise, after the contract has been terminated, we can refuse to release the domain until you have fulfilled all of your payment obligations to us under the contract.
  4. If you do not give clear instructions to transfer or delete the domain when the contract is terminated, we can return the domain to the responsible registry or have it deleted after the end of the contract and a reasonable period of time.
  5. Your domain name registration and data protection/proxy services that you use in this context must be subject to a registration agreement with an ICANN recognized registrar.
  6. You must not be exposed to false advertising or misleading practices by your registrar or by proxy or data protection services offered by them. This includes misleading notifications, hidden fees, and practices that are prohibited under the consumer protection law in your place of residence.
  7. You must comply with the terms of use provided by your registrar, including applicable guidelines from your registrar, registry or ICANN.
  8. You will need to read your registrar's current registration agreement and related updates.
  9. You are solely responsible for the registration and use of your domain name.
  10. You must provide accurate information for publication in directories such as WHOIS and update it promptly should changes occur.
  11. You must respond to inquiries from your registrar within 15 days and keep your registrar account information up to date. If you choose to automatically renew your domain name registration, you must also keep your billing information up to date.

  12. 7 days before your domain registration expires, we will send an email to the registered name owner with instructions on how to renew your registration. It is extremely important that you look out for and pay attention to these emails so that you do not lose your domain name.
3. Cloudserver & Webhosting
  1. Our performance obligations result from the service description of the respective server hosting offer.
  2. The service provision (activation of the booked service package, transmission of the access data) takes place, unless otherwise agreed, within 1-2 days after the time of your payment instruction.
  3. Insofar as we grant you full and sole administration rights on the provided servers within the framework of server hosting, you are solely responsible for the administration and security of your server. You are obliged to install the necessary security software, to keep yourself informed about security gaps that become known and to close them independently. The installation of maintenance programs or other software that we make available or recommend does not release you from this obligation.
  4. If we provide programs, you will receive a non-exclusive right to use the programs provided for the duration of the contract. You are obliged to comply with the respective license provisions.
  5. You are also obliged to set up and manage your server in such a way that the security, integrity and availability of the networks, other servers, software and data of third parties are not endangered. In particular, you are prohibited from using the server for sending SPAM mails and DDOS attacks or operating open mail relays and other systems on the server via the SPAM mails and DDOS attacks can be spread. In the event of violations, we reserve the right to disconnect the server from the network without prior notice and to terminate the contract without notice.
  6. You are not entitled to the server being assigned the same IP address for the entire term of the contract. We reserve the right to change this if technically or legally necessary and to assign you a new IP address in this context.
  7. We reserve the right to adapt the hardware and software used to provide the services to the current state of technology and to notify you in good time of any additional requirements that may result from this for the content that you have stored on our servers. We undertake to make such adjustments only to a reasonable extent and taking your interests into account.
4. Licenseproducts
  1. The software we offer can, but does not have to, be provided/hosted by us. You can download the relevant files at any time and run them on your own servers.
  2. The software's source code is encrypted and made illegible. It is forbidden to decrypt the software and bypass security mechanisms. Should this happen anyway, we will block access to the license system and take legal action.
  3. Each licensed product has additional extended license terms attached, which you automatically confirm when you purchase. Please download it and read it through before using our software.
Extended license terms for downloading:
  1. TS3AudioBot Interface
  2. Teamspeak Support Bot